Human Resources, Personnel Affairs, and Labor Law

Our law firm has a wide experience in the field of legal expertise around human resources and capital and personnel.

Banks and Accounting

Our law firm has a wide experience in the field of banking and accounting through handling with banks, accounting companies,.

Companies Law

Our law firm renders legal advice and assistance to local and foreign companies for establishing and developing their business in.

Mediation and Arbitration

Our office provides legal advice on everything related to arbitration issues, from drafting the arbitration clause, to filing arbitration cases.

Family Law

Our law firm renders legal advice regarding family issues and attempts to repair damages caused to family through cordial settlement.

Sports & Media

Our lawyers render legal advice around variety of contracts related to players, hosting Olympic and periodic games as well as.

Intellectual & Industrial Property

The law firm renders advice around all aspects of registering and protecting rights of Intellectual Property inclusive of trademarks, patents,.

Criminal Cases

Our law firm focuses on upgrading the awareness of clients about criminal matters, in addition to rendering legal consultations for.

Litigation and Disputes Settlements

Our litigation team is composed of lawyers who enjoy multi-specialty experience, inclusive bases for substantive and procedural laws, since they.